Guitar Start Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary in 2023

Guitar Start Celebrates 10 years

Established in 2013, Guitar Start celebrates its 10th year in business in 2023.

Highlights from the first 10 years

I am fortunate to have many highlights from our first 10 years. My major highlight is establishing and building the business to a sustainable, successful and enjoyable level. My dream was to combine my love of teaching and music into a successful business. I also achieve a great deal of satisfaction from helping others to develop their life-long enjoyment of music; and equipping them to achieve this in the community. This is what inspires me!

Here are some of the areas where I have won recognition and awards:

Here are some of the areas where I have won recognition and awards:

  • Winning the Whitehorse Business Group 20th anniversary “Excellence in Business Award” for the Sole Trader category
  • Achieving The “Feel Good Stories” Award from the Whitehorse Business Group for "surviving Covid and supporting the community during these difficult times"
  • Interviewed by Biz Success Radio as a result of these awards
  • Interviewed for a business feature for the local newspaper (Whitehorse Leader)
  • Awarded a Whitehorse Business Innovation Grant to establish the new website and accompanying online platforms

Here are some of the Community involvement highlights I have led:

  • Formed and led music groups from my various classes. I lead the
    band(s) as we perform at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, and various other music, community and cultural events each year.
  • Completed music instruction books for the blind and vision-impaired for Vision Australia, and achieved a Volunteer Appreciation award
  • I repaired instruments & donated them to "Music for Refugees" and "Grow the Music" charities. My wonderful students have often donated instruments for these donation drives.
  • Prepared, and completed a Music video during lockdown for the Boroondara Arts Festival. Alongside other artists including Paul Woodley, and Vika & Linda
  • Co-ordinated a series of "Open-Mike" nights during lockdown to encourage social connection, involvement, and developing expertise of students

Here are some of the other achievements and activities that have been highlights (as well as those listed above):

  • Continued all classes online during lockdown by converting and training students to use Zoom
  • Mentoring and coaching new ukulele teachers from my students.
  • Mentoring and coaching students to perform as solo artists at various music and cultural festivals
  • Developed our original website as a first of its kind project with Deakin University School of Information systems students. We started, and completed this all online and via off-campus
  • Played with, and learned from some of the finest musicians in Ireland in the Acoustic Guitar Magazine Irish Music Tour 2019
  • Launched the inaugural Melbourne Ukelele Cruise for Ukelele Cruise Australia

And stay tuned for more to come during the next 10 years!