2nd Open-Mike Night

Well done & a big thank you to all GuitarStart students enabling the great success of our 2nd Open Mike Night a few days ago. We had families & members from Box Hill, The Avenue, and Surrey Hills communities. 

We had at least 34 Households attending (so many they couldn't fit into my 27" monitor; so I had to keep scrolling backwards & forwards across the 2 pages)! Everything neatly fitted into our 1 hour timeslot too.

The participants exhibited a great & expansive talent in the Arts including Harmonica, Poetry, Singing, Comedy, Balalaika, Ukulele, even Opera & Cooking! Here's some unsolicited feedback that was waiting in my inbox the following morning:

"It was such a great way to connect & such a community contribution."

"lovely to see all the happy faces again"

"We enjoyed our first open mic with you ... great diversity & a great host!"

"Better than Celebrity GoggleBox!"

"Thanks for having us. It was tons of fun & as ever, you never quite know what we'll come up with!"

"congratulations for the excellent hour of entertainment you provided last night. A great turnout & great talent."

"Thanks for organising & putting on a great concert last night".