Specialist Ukulele Workshop

Our first-ever Specialist Ukulele Workshop "Sing your Heart out". This is a new format of Music sessions we trialed over the Term Break at a local Community Centre. 

We gave the attendees a Folder of Music, divided into 3 levels of increasing complexity. Starting with Vocal & Physical warm-ups; we progressed through all 3 levels; and in the meantime had catered refreshments. A nice mix of current Uke members, family, & friends attended. 

There was a keen consensus to have more in future; so we are now planning for future Specialist Workshops. These include (but not limited to): "Go away Mr. Alzheimer, we're too busy!" (challenging Ukulele Techniques); "Boppin' the Blues"; Get "Folk-ussed"; "Getting Gig-Ready"; and "Golden Oldies". 

Stay tuned for more Workshops in future.